Setting the scene for the intercultural exchange trips: Host and guest students from Barcelona and Athens getting to know each other during their 1st Skype meeting.

While the preparations for the visit of Greek students in Barcelona is ongoing, on Tuesday 28th of January students from the 2nd Lyceum of Vrilissia and Institute Escola La Mina school of Barcelona met each other during a fruitful and productive virtual meeting.

During the meeting guest and host students have been provided with the opportunity to effectively communicate with each other in a comfortable and pleasant environment and build a common ground for the smooth implementation of the forthcoming intercultural exchange trip activities.

Host and guest students from Barcelona and Athens come together during the virtual meeting

The session opened with students from both sides introducing themselves as a way to get to know each other in advance of the visit of the Greek students in Barcelona the coming spring. After the initial warming up, students continued with providing brief description of their school.

Following the presentations Greek students took the initiative to play on guitar and sung a popular Greek song. The move was met with instant warm reactions from the students from Barcelona. Before closing the session students exchange contacts of their social media and promised to keep in contact till they meet in Barcelona.