BAS surveys

A set of questionnaires were developed for the needs of the trifold BAS research. The BAS research, which followed every stage of the BAS exchanges preparation and implementation, included:

● a pre-survey, which included questions on:

socio demographic information

school, hobbies and social life

tourism habits

cultural attitudes

self perception

perception of the “other”

● an on-site survey (ESM)  which included:

a recurring activity evaluation question with set of sub-questions that students were asked to reply to right after the completion of each activity they participated in.

The questions were exploring students feelings towards the activities on-site.

● a post-survey, which included questions on:

evaluation of technical/practical aspects of the exchange

experience satisfaction levels,

skills/knowledge gained or improved,

interaction with the “other”,


cultural attitudes (in comparison with pre-survey)

self-perception (in comparison with the pre-survey)

perception of the “other” (in comparison with the pre-survey)