BAS project is back on track.

BAS project is now back in full swing. BAS consortium, considering all the latest developments regarding the Covid-19 crisis and adapting to the current circumstances, will implement in the coming February all of its intercultural exchange activities on virtual mode with respect to the projects spirit and aims.

School partners from Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, and Spain are currently organising their virtual exchanges. As initially planned four trips bringing together students from four major European cities will take place in the coming February. The virtual intercultural exchanges will be grouped as such:

Intercultural Exchange 1: Barcelona to Brussels

Intercultural Exchange 2: Athens to Barcelona

Intercultural Exchange 3: Sofia to Athens

Intercultural Exchange 4: Brussels to Sofia

Participating students are for the most part those who were already involved in the project from the earlier stages. Stay tuned for more updates to come in the coming period once the intercultural exchanges will unfold.