127 SU “Ivan Denkoglu”

According to the National Museum of Education 127 General Education Secondary School “Ivan Nikolaevich Denkoglu” is the first newly established school in Sofia, opened in 1839, meaning that the 127th SU is the oldest school in Sofia, Bulgaria.

127 General Education Secondary School “Ivan Nikolaevich Denkoglu”, founded by the generous and patriot Ivan Denkoglu.

Today the school has 900 students in the primary, secondary and high school levels. 70 teachers take care of the students. The Primary and Middle school provides general education. The High school is specialized in foreign languages – English, Spanish, German and French. The main subjects taught throughout the course are : maths, science, history, geography, chemistry etc.

The Headmaster of the school is Mr. Alexander Lazarov. He graduated from Spanish Philology at the Sofia University. He has interests in the field of educational management.

Aleksandar Lazaro


Anelia Dimitrova, Teacher, Department ICT


“Parchevich” № 43, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria