The Laboratoire Tourisme, Territoires et Sociétés (LIToTeS) is part of one of the major departments DGES of the Faculty of Sciences of the ULB. The research unit is hosted within The Institute for Environmental Management and Land-Use Planning (IGEAT), a multi- and interdisciplinary research institute with more than 60 researchers from various backgrounds (geography, environment, economy, tourism, transport, politics, land planning, sociology, etc.). IGEAT is oriented towards assistance in public and private management and towards decision-aiding in the fields of environment, town and land-planning, human geography as well as tourism.

Amongst others, researchers from LIToTeS have been working on social tourism aspects since more than 10 years. A particular concern were social tourism systems, the right to tourism and how to develop access for excluded groups of society to holiday participation.  Being an active member of the Alliance of the international Organisation for social tourism since 2008, researchers participated in a variety of national and international projects.

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