Toolbox-Roles and Responsibilities-Teachers

The sending school Teacher/s or mentor/s

The sending school nominates teachers/school staff who will facilitate the trip organisation and accompany students on the trip.

The sending school teacher, will:

o Select the group of students

o be well aware of the relationship dynamics within the group.

o Make sure that informed consents of students and their parents/guardians are provided in advance of the exchanges.

o Draft lists with students and parents/guardians contact details and pass the information to host school. Those data will be treated as confidential.

o Remind students of the trip practicalities (valid travelling documents etc.).

o Act as the link between the sending school and the host school and communicate regularly with the teachers in the host school.

o Provide students with freedom and autonomy to facilitate their learning during the trip

o While on a trip teacher, the teacher acts as a facilitator  and interferes when needed.

o Ensure the safety of all participants and the smooth running of the trip.

The host school Teacher/s or mentor/

Nominates one or two teachers/school staff who will act as mentors/contact persons for the incoming student

The mentor (teacher), will:

o Act as the link between the host school and the sending school and communicate regularly with the teachers in the host school.

o Treat all the personal data of guest students received as confidential

o Support the students and staff of the incoming school throughout the stay. 

o Provide Certificates of Attendance to visiting students after the end of the exchange.