Toolbox-Recommendations-For teachers and directors

Teachers and school directors, as parties directly involved in the organisation and facilitation of intercultural exchanges, can consider the points below for their smoother delivery.


  • Give students from the involved groups the opportunity to meet (virtually) each other before the actual exchange.
  • A certain level of English proficiency among all participants would help the smoother implementation of activities and the active engagement.


  • Make sure to test the means of communication used for a virtual exchange in advance of the session (make sure wi-fi connection works properly in case of a virtual activity).
  • Start some minutes earlier than the planned starting time to set up the technical aspects.
  • Keep the teacher involvement to a minimum. Give students time to exchange ideas without the teacher supervision.
  • Let students work in small rotating groups.
  • Make sure that all students are getting involved in the sessions.
  • Manage the time efficiently.


  • Encourage student reflection on what is presented/seen. Plan an unofficial debriefing session.