Toolbox-Practical Guide-On-trip phase

The on-trip phase is important as it brings students from different backgrounds together and provide them with the opportunity to meet each other and self-grow through this interaction.

For a smooth trip experience, the following should be kept in mind:

1. Teacher acts as an experience facilitator while providing the students with autonomy and freedom (the programme that is being followed is actually prepared by the students).

2. The two groups should be provided with plenty of opportunities to interact with each other: Interaction with local students could be one of the more meaningful experiences of the trip. Activities that will bring them together should be organised (exmpl: A joint welcome reception/dinner or A joint city tour where hosting students act as tour guides for the visiting group).

3. Accessing  students’ reactions and impressions: An activity evaluation question is suggested to be shared with students right after the end of each activity.

4. Make memories from the experience: The students are encouraged to record moments of the trip on camera and take photos in order to prepare an official trip vlog.

5. Do not forget to Enjoy the trip!