BAS Research Report

The BAS Research Report: An Overview of the BAS experience.

During the past three years the BAS project explored the impact of school intercultural exchanges as a tool for tackling stereotypes and investigating the impact of in-group and out-group contact in one’s attitudes. For this purpose, four exchanges were organized with the participation of four schools from Athens, Barcelona, Brussels, and Sofia. Although the original planned field trips were transformed into virtual exchanges under the impact of the Covid-19 crisis they stayed loyal to the spirit of the project.

The trifold BAS research was planned in such a way to follow up with all the stages of each exchange. (Preparation, delivery, and post-reflection). Participating students replied to a pre-exchange survey before the implementation of the activities as well as a series of on-site activity evaluation questions and a post-exchange survey received a month after the completion of the activities to capture the student reflections on the experience and the possible impact of the activities in their personal views.

The Report

Through the BAS research report, which is a result of the BAS journey, the reader will gain more information on the nature of the project and an insight on the impact that the project had on the participants.

In the document the reader will have the opportunity to:

  • understand the theoretical context and the methodology around which the BAS activities and the trifold BAS research were build.
  • gain an insight of the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on participating student.
  •  explore interesting research results from the four participating groups (Belgian, Bulgarian, Greek and Spanish students) through a series of “country reports”.
  • gain a deeper understating of the impact of the BAS exchanges through a thematic cross-group analysis, which highlights points of significance as well as differences, similarities in research findings across the different groups.

The document is most of all a reflection on the BAS experience through the lens of the BAS research findings. The full Report is available in electronic form here.